Our Top 10 Craft Winners.


There are some that think craft has had its day. That the speed of marketing today together with the limitations of some online formats as well as budget cut-backs has had a negative impact on the quality of execution.


We beg to differ. The standard of Craft entries at Cresta 2020 was, if anything, better than ever.


So we’ve selected 10 of our Gold Award winners to illustrate the point, and hopefully inspire you to enter your work in our 2021 craft categories. Just click on any image below to see the full story of each winner.


There are brilliant craft winners throughout our 2020 Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, so when you’ve taken a look at our personal Top 10 come and pick your own top 10  here.

We’d love to see what you’d pick.  Just send a list of your Top 10 to us here. The first five to arrive will win one of our new Cresta tote bags and feature on Cresta’s social media channels. So start choosing your favourites today.